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We Fail Harder – the Macbook Pro Retina.

FUCK the Macbook Pro Retina. Fuck it.

I’ll come out and say it – I use a regular Macbook Pro and I own two iPhones (an older unlocked one for travel, and a 4S). I convinced my parents to switch from PC to Mac, and I think OS X is the best operating system ever made for normal people (normal people do not use Linux).  Until Monday I thought Apple was awesome – far from perfect, but generally pretty sweet.

I’ve delayed writing this, but Ars Technica hammered the final nail in the coffin.  The MBPR SUCKS.  Sure, it’s sleek and pretty and has a sick display, but a) it’s more expensive than an Apple laptop has been in years (the baseline 15″ MBP has been $1800 for at least 4 years, possibly longer), and b) it is almost ENTIRELY un-upgradeable short of configuring it in the Apple Store for multiple hundreds of extra dollars off the bat.  If you change your computer every year, great, but that means you’re not a hard baller but a superficial punk with money to burn.  If you want a 15″, expensive-ass Macbook Air, great.  Pose away.  If you want something a lot more useful and practical, you got left with only a minor upgrade a couple days ago – to a computer with a 4 year old design.

Well done, Apple assholes.

Serious Eats on DC Beer Gardens

Want all the outdoorsy fun of a rooftop but feeling lazy and want a seat? Then you want a beer garden.  DC doesn’t have many, but the ones it has are all pretty good, summarized here by Serious Eats.  My favorites are the Standard and Biergarten Haus.  Standard has awesome barbecue, Mexican grilled corn, and freshly fried doughnuts in addition to a small but good selection of beer, but be warned: it’s crazy popular and thus very crowded.  Go around happy hour to beat the crowds.  Biergarten Haus is a more properly German kind of place and one of the best bars in the semi-hoody and often dubious (despite what the hipsters may say) H St NE – spacious, quite large list of German beers on tap, lots of German food on offer.  No food after 11pm though, so bear that in mind.

Burrs n Nomz chez Standard. Photo from Serious Eats

Parking Hell in Beirut in One Picture

And you thought I was joking when I said everything about cars here is awful

from “WTF Only in Lebanon”