Telling You What's Good


“Okay we poppin’ champagne like we won a championship game

Feel like I got on a championship raing [rhymes with game…]
Cuz I ball hard
No bish we ball harder
I am tha Birdmaing
N I’m tha Jay-Arruh.”

We are not Birdman and Jay-Arruh, but we owe them a debt of gratitude for this impossibly stupid song and its moronic yet brilliantly catchy refrain, from which we took the title of our blog.   We are instead a man men of impeccable taste (OK, well, Whitey D’s love of country music and death metal can be called into question), with a wealth of knowledge on how to enjoy life and how to spend money correctly.  Herein you shall find uncensored opinions on what we like, and how you can relieve your ennui and liven up your life in all aspects: music, fashion, cars, food/drink, travel, and more – the best uses for your time and money.

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