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Levantine Loveliness: Lebanon

Stormy afternoon at Byblos harbor

Beirut is one of my two homes away from home, so expect lots of of posts on Lebanon.  I have too much to share to only make a few overview posts, but since I’m headed there at the end of this month, I thought I’d share some pictures to show what a spectacular place it is, and why it’s so dear to my heart.



Serious Heat

So over at Serious Eats, there’s a post about increasing your chile tolerance.  While I agree with the message (namely that some of the best cuisines in the world are pretty hot, and that it’s worth developing a tolerance so that you can enjoy them), I feel they left out a key component:  Start slow and build up to all out!  In the first few days, only add half a jalapeño or a couple drops of hot sauce, then after you’re comfortable with that, increase it steadily and gradually.  Within a few weeks you’ll be a fire-breather, undaunted by whatever the world’s kitchens can throw at you.  Good luck.

Curry Craving: Ravi Kabab

Next time somebody claims you can’t get good Indo-Pak food in the DC area, throw some dal in their face and slap them with a hot chapati, and call them out on their ignorance.  For the meatier side of things subcontinental, I present: Ravi Kabab, an Arlington institution steeped in Lahori deliciousness.


LITTLE BOOTS’S NEW ALBUM DUE THIS YEAR!!  Best news of the day by far!

The Magnificent Something

Open eyes; stretch toes; deep inhale; and you are awake.

I landed on the sofa with a chocolate croissant and an accai berry tea on my hands. The living room was flooded with light, so I decided that the TV screen would remain black today. I took Mrs Dalloway out of my bag, turned on the radio on it’s lowest volume, and started reading about Clarissa’s day around London.

At some point, the song on the background woke me up from my literary hibernation; it sounded awfully familiar. It took me a couple of seconds, and then a smile formed on my face as I put the book down and turned the volume up, going on a rather cringable singing/dancing frenzy.

l first saw Victoria Christina Hesketh in her living room, camera positioned in an awkward angle, comfortable clothing, brown hair, sparkly eyes, apologetic introduction to her small YouTube crowd…

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Great Danes of Music: The Raveonettes

Sune and Sharin.  Also available in colour.

In a slight stylistic deviation from much of the in-your-face music I love so much, we arrive today at the Raveonettes, one of my absolute favorite currently active and touring bands.  They’re somewhat well-known, but not too much.  Misdemeanor-ly unappreciated if not criminally unappreciated, I suppose.  In any case, they are very, very dear to my heart, and here’s why: