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New Year’s Eve Post: We Love House Parties

As great as some bars and clubs are (I’m looking at you, London, Beirut, and Istanbul), nothing beats an awesome house party, any time of the year.  I love entertaining and putting them on, and I’ve had some uproarious times at friend’s shindigs.  However, never is such an event more desirable than on New Year’s Eve.  Here are your typical first night options:

  1. Stay at home and be miserable
  2. Stay at home with a few friends or family, watch TV, have some drinks, have a nice time but nothing extraordinary
  3. Go to an event such as the one parodied on the flyer following the jump: (more…)

Killer Shades – Oakley Plaintiff Polarized Black/Red

Or, the Ray-Ban killer.


Aaaand we’re back!

Or should I say, I’m back.  WBH, intended to be a dual-author blog but never was, has officially become a solo project.  Readers may have noticed a long absence – various personnel, personal, and professional things took priority, and a hard baller puts real life first.  BUT! As you can see, today has been a flurry of activity.  I intend it to stay that way.

See you soon.

The Luxury Country: Switzerland – Suggestions (Conclusion)

If the mad awesomeness of the Bernese Oberland wasn’t enough for you, we have one more stop, featuring Switzerland’s most famous mountain of all.  The one on the Toblerone bars:

mmm, chocolate with honey and nougat
Like that.


The Luxury Country: Switzerland – Suggestions (part 2)

Today we head to the hills, or rather, the Alps.  From Luzern, the legendary Bernese Oberland is only about an hour’s drive or train ride away.  Our destination: the world-renowned trio of mountains: Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, or, the Ogre, Monk, and Maiden.  Feel free to create your own fairy tale featuring these mysterious characters.

(More words and many pictures after the jump)