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New Year’s Eve Post: We Love House Parties

As great as some bars and clubs are (I’m looking at you, London, Beirut, and Istanbul), nothing beats an awesome house party, any time of the year.  I love entertaining and putting them on, and I’ve had some uproarious times at friend’s shindigs.  However, never is such an event more desirable than on New Year’s Eve.  Here are your typical first night options:

  1. Stay at home and be miserable
  2. Stay at home with a few friends or family, watch TV, have some drinks, have a nice time but nothing extraordinary
  3. Go to an event such as the one parodied on the flyer following the jump:
    Barf. Except at nonstop house, that suits me nicely.
  4.  Host or attend a banging house party

Option 3 is often quite popular, for reasons I can’t understand.  Even if all the above aren’t true, it’s almost guaranteed at least two or three are.  Who wants that? Not the hard baller.

For the same money as the more expensive Rohypnol Productions events, you could throw a sweet party, either with a keg or several cases of good beer, and/or very good spirits, good wine and champagne, plus food.  You will hang out with who you want to hang out with, avoiding all the posers suckers patrons with whom you probably won’t get along.  You will control the music, so no more complaining about DJ Dougie asking you to Teach Him for the nth time.  And let’s face it, a house party is far more laid back, and laid back is good.  Meeting new people is easier, because everyone is more relaxed.  You can hopefully hear people talk and hear yourself think because DJ Jams won’t be Pumpin’ em Up too much.  And despite similar alcohol consumption, the chances of the whole town finding out about your undying love for dancing the Macarena are slim.  Unless you have vicious friends.  Plus, your friends will appreciate it and if you pull it off well enough, you may gain a reputation as a nonpareil party-thrower.

I always advocate pulling out all the stops and hosting a great party, but if not of hostly inclinations and faced with the option of attending the big shitty douchey night at the bar or club, or a friend’s party, always take the party.  You’ll be be more relaxed, in better company, heavier of wallet, and you most likely will not regret the next day, no matter how bad your hangover.

Rock on.

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