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Levantine Loveliness: Lebanon

Stormy afternoon at Byblos harbor

Beirut is one of my two homes away from home, so expect lots of of posts on Lebanon.  I have too much to share to only make a few overview posts, but since I’m headed there at the end of this month, I thought I’d share some pictures to show what a spectacular place it is, and why it’s so dear to my heart.

View of Jounieh from Harissa

Christmas lights in Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut at night


Turkish coffee at Café Hamra

Drunk dabke at the sadly gone Ahwet il-Izzaz (Gemmayze Café)

Maybe the best argile ever, Tyre Rest House

Crusader Sea Castle, Sidon

Raouché, Beirut

A young baller, Tripoli

The best baqlawa in the world at Hallab, Tripoli

Almost certainly fake Vuitton crate on a ubiquitous scooter at Henry’s Handmade, Hamra, Beirut

What more can I say?

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