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Woouf! Awesome Funky Furnishings

Woouf! rocks.  This Barcelona-based company produces sofas, beanbag chairs, pillows, and other such odds and ends of a distinctly lighthearted and often musical or foody nature, as seen above in their wall of Marshall and Vox amp-shaped beanbag seats, or rather, Wooufall and Woouf amps.  My personal favorite, however, is this:

The Miniwoouf sofa, a full-sized sofa modeled in painstaking detail after the legendary Minimoog synthesizer, one of the first portable synthesizers ever and a true revolutionary product.  A badass instrument and a badass sofa.

I also like their ghetto blaster beanbag seat:

They also have stuff modeled after the Walkman, burgers, ice cream, and Skittles, or as they call them, Wooufies.

On top of this explosion of retro-chic awesomeness, everything is made entirely in Barcelona, versus, say, Shenzhen.  I daresay Woouf! balls harder.  Check out their site.

Killer Shades – Oakley Plaintiff Polarized Black/Red

Or, the Ray-Ban killer.


Killer Kicks: Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

Photo from the Onitsuka Tiger Store

Not the damn Kill Bill shoe.

Possibly the greatest sneaker/trainer ever – the Mexico 66 by Onitsuka Tiger, a brand of ASICS, shown here in the ultimate color scheme.  While you may think this is the Kill Bill shoe, think again, the Mexico 66 predates that one (the Tai Chi) by quite a bit and looks far more awesome.  Created in 1966 for the Japanese team to wear at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, the design has stood the test of time and appears to have made a serious comeback in the whole retro-sneaker craze of the last decade.  Hip or not, they’re fucking incredible.  Light as a feather, ultra-comfortable, and exceedingly stylish – I’ve received innumerable compliments and have even had people start entire conversations about them.  The original color, yellow/black, inspired by a tiger’s coat, is almost impossible to find in the US (my three pairs have all come from England, both from mail order and physical shops), but numerous other color schemes are freely sold Stateside both online and in retail shops, and also look great.  Prices range from the mid $70s to mid $80s for the ones available here, considerably more (about £60 ~ $100) if you order from the UK.

Let’s face it though, you really want the yellow and black ones….

Apparently iPhones don't take clear pictures on London buses..

You got to coordinate!